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Pumpkin Cat By Nat Ellis

Pumpkin Cat By Nat Ellis

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Nat Ellis is a French/ English illustrator from England. With a passion for color, character design, simple shapes and narrative, Nat creates artwork depicting animals (especially cats), that are full joy and humor. Using bright colors and animals as a vehicle, Nat’s illustrations also comment on contemporary issues such as the importance of mental health and wellbeing and current events.

A colorful painting that can brighten up any room it’s in. This is a 40x40cm (approx 16x16 inches) paint by numbers high quality canvas kit. Just keep painting number by number, step by step and see the magic unfold right in front of your eyes.

Painting by numbers is a amazing way to spend some good quality time with your family or a quite peaceful evening with your own self and it allows your creativity to shine through the art. Bring the artist in you out with the amazing paint by numbers kits from aanabanana! Enjoy!

What's in the package?

  • 1x numbered acrylic-based paint set
  • 1x pre-printed numbered high-quality canvas of 16x16in (40x40cm)
  • 1x set of paint brushes

Please note: It takes us 5-6 days to create and ship your kits as its a manual labor intensive task. We appreciate your patience about this

Great gift to give to your loved ones, a relaxing activity - paint by numbers is whatever you want it to be - EVEN AS A GIFT TO SELF!!

We use high quality canvas and brushes in our kits which make sure that the colors turn out to be brilliant and lively.

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