About Us

Being a Fine Arts student and a photographer (Only by Hobby) I had always got my photos printed. Until one day I discovered "paint by numbers kits," and I immediately ordered one. Once I got the kit I could just not stop - it was everything I ever wanted. I kept painting, without even looking at the watch even once and only got up once it was finished. Immediately drove down to the framing guy and got it framed and put it up on my drawing room wall.

In the next week or so I had ordered 12 kits for my friends (who came home for drinks one weekend) as everyone wanted one and that is when one of them suggested to start this as a business (he said it as a joke - but a lightbulb lit up in my brain) and here we are today!

My customers worldwide have only said good things about our kits and we plan to include them in a page specially dedicated to their arts in coming months - one thing we have planned to do since the very beginning.

Paint by numbers is a great hobby, an easy way to have fun without going anywhere, an amazing gift for someone you love OR simply a way to bring your digital photos to life! You choose what it should be for you and it will be just like that. As it was for Pablo Picasso “Painting is just another way of keeping a diary”

If you want to send us something in mail please contact Live chat or send it to us here :

11923 NE Sumner St
STE 901087
Portland, Oregon, 97250, USA