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Mini Paint by Numbers Kit - 25x25 cm

Mini Paint by Numbers Kit - 25x25 cm

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A colorful Mini Paint By Numbers Kit based on original artwork by Kate Jarvik Birch that can brighten up any room it’s in. This is a 25x25cm (approx 10x10 inches) paint by numbers kit. Just keep painting number by number, step by step, and see the magic unfold right in front of your eyes.

Mini Kits are great as travel buddies too as they are small and can be taken anywhere - be it a beach or a holiday abroad. They are also a perfect gift for someone who is starting paint by numbers!

What's in the package?

1 x numbered acrylic-based paint set (up to 18 colors), 1x pre-printed numbered high-quality canvas of 10x10in (25x25cm) and 1x set of paint brushes

Great gift to give to your loved ones, a relaxing activity - paint by numbers is whatever you want it to be - EVEN AS A GIFT TO SELF!!

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